On this page, it is going to inform you about the privacy policy of this website.We have a strict protection policy, under which we cannot share any personal information of our customers to others. Moreover, it also clarifies the route, from where we collect data from different resources. It also gives you suggestions on how to secure your information. Of course, we never leak your personal information to any of the third parties, we have linked.
Types of information to be gathered from you
When any of the customers place an order for any product, our professionals do collect what information you will place, while requesting. It is also good to know that while collecting the data, we take care of the contests, newsletters or much more information related to health supplements.
Sometimes, the information about our customers, which is not as much important as others, will be taken as an optional by us.
We also keep the information about the visitors, which has attained about providing an administration or gratifying the request of purchases.
Of course, as other sites do, we might also make use of web cookies in order to enhanceyour experience. We also combine visitor information. It all helps us to track a number of visits to this website.
How we secure your information?
We have assurance measures stored in a bag in order to secure your information, which is important to you. It means that we have maintained some safety standards to be followed. These safety standards include secure databases and password secured servers. In this manner, we are able to rely on the fact that your information is safe with us at any cost.
What we do with the entire customer information?
We have two main objectives for that information gathered from our customers. Firstly, we use that information to enhance the administration of the customers. It all leads to better customer experience, while visiting us. The information gathered, whether it is open or private, is kept secure with us because it would not be traded or sold to any other company, entity, and individual or third party website without your permission. We understand the importance of privacy; this is where we do not lack behind.
Secondly, this stored information is used to give our customer feedback. As you request for any product, the information gets stored and further, we take that information to contact you regardingyour order for any fitness product.
Any external links!
Yes, we do have some external links to some other sites, which also includes monitoring groups. We are not liable for privacy policies and other information present on these other sites. If you visit them, it is your own risk, we stay out of it.
Which method is followed by us to share privacy policy updates?
As we update our databases on a regular basis, we do inform our customers through a highlighted message box on our website. This way, we follow a perfect protection strategy to become a favorite among our customers by providing them with the latest updates.